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The North Perth Family Health Team, incorporated on February 2, 2007, and is very fortunate to have a Board of Directors that are experienced in health care and dedicated to improving access to primary care.

The Board is dedicated in its role of supporting the Family Health Team and its partners in providing comprehensive primary health care services through an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals.

The Board of Directors is comprised of 9 members from the following organizations:
       Listowel Family Health Network (3 members)

       Municipality of North Perth (1 member) 

       Listowel Memorial Hospital (1 member)

       Community Health Service Provider (1 member)

       Other directors elected by the Corporation/Members at Large (3 members) 

Chair- Lindsay Beharry

Vice Chair- Rob Martin
Treasurer- Heather Horn

Secretary - Mary Atkinson

Additional Directors
Dr Lauren Hayward
Medical Director, Family Health Network

Dr Terry Suggitt

Physician, Family Health Network

Dr Rex Warren
Physician, Family Health Network 
Karl Ellis
CEO, Listowel Memorial Hospital 
David Dickey
Community Representative

Lynne McLeod
Community Representative

Vince Judge
Past Chair/Municipal Rep     
Board Meeting Minutes