North Perth Family Health Team, in partnership with LMH Foundation, Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance and the Municipality of North Perth have provided financial assistance for our Health Recruiter position and to support the various recruitment activities. Additionally, the Recruitment Committee has been the fortunate recipients of the very successful Ladies Night Out fundraiser. It is the direct result of these very generous partnerships, that the Recruitment Committee has made great strides forward in improving the capacity and the strength of our local health care system.
Why is Healthcare Recruitment important to North Perth?
Having sufficient providers is key to ensuring timely and effective quality health care
North Perth is considered underserviced for our population by 3 physicians  according to the Ministry of Health & Long Term Care
A strong health care system fosters economic and business growth.
New physician graduates want strong work life balance - it commonly takes 2 physician to replace 1 retiring physician.
What is a locum?
A locum is a physician that has completed all of their training and is fully licensed to practice in their specialty. Locums are utilized to cover during vacation and busy periods and also to expose physicians to potential practice opportunities. North Perth uses locums for the emergency room and clinic services.
What has been accomplished since the program started in early 2012?
Marketing and building awareness of the excellent facilities and team in North Perth has been our primary focus. We have achieved this goal through the expansion of the medical education and resident programs with McMaster Family Medicine program in Kitchener-Waterloo and Western University in London, locum exposure, and attendance at provincial recruitment events. Arranging locum coverage for our emergency room to support our local physicians' capacity to care for clinic patients has also been important. A piece of very welcome news - Dr. Lauren Hayward will begin practice in our clinic in May 2014!
What are the goals for 2014?
To foster our new relationships and use momentum for even more success.
Expand the exposure of medical student, learners and locums to our community and its amenities.
Continue to build awareness of the great lifestyle and practice opportunities in North Perth.
What can you do to help?
Welcome newcomers to North Perth and help them to feel at home in our community! With minimal funding from the provincial government for recruitment efforts, we look to our partners and our community to support our efforts. Contact Maribeth Boshart at North Perth Family Health Team - or (519) 291-3125 ext. 6265 to make a donation. Tax receipts are provided.
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