Listowel Banner, Editorial, Wednesday, April, 30, 2014
Successful recruitment shows promise for the future

We at The Banner tip our hats to the North Perth Physician Recruitment committee members.
Banner reporter Andrew Smith reported the front-page news in last week’s edition that Dr. Lauren Hayward has been successfully recruited to North Perth and will start practicing here in May.
This is a tremendous success for the committee and cause for celebration for the local community. It’s also a sign the committee is on the right track and shows promise for successful future recruitment.
An outstanding amount of time and work goes into physician recruitment efforts – far more than many realize.
Times are different now than they used to be. New physicians often prefer a family health team setting or clinic atmosphere, as opposed to a solo practice. With so many Ontario communities underserviced by health-care providers, physicians can have several options at their disposal. Now more than ever, physicians are seeking to establish a work-life balance, which is why it can easily take two to three physicians to cover the patient load of just one retiring doctor.
As is the case with many Ontario families, both partners have careers and often children to consider. Physicians need to look at employment opportunities for their spouses and school/recreation options for their children before settling on a new practice.
Essentially, any new health-care providers must feel secure that their new community is a good fit for them. Conversely, the physician recruitment committee must feel secure its new recruit is a good match for North Perth.
This all takes time, money and hard work – sometimes over the course of several years.
Local recruitment co-ordinator Kim Kowch very correctly asserted that some communities don’t see the fruits of their recruitment efforts for perhaps up to 10 years.
Kowch has been on the job for only two years and North Perth is already experiencing success.
The committee is clearly adept at spreading the word on all the good things North Perth has to offer. Through its various recruitment strategies, potential recruits are learning all about this great place to live and work.
With a hospital, Fisher Family Primary Care Centre, a variety of employment opportunities, schooling options, a thriving sports community, arts groups, service clubs, houses of worship, recreational activities, bustling business climate, supportive residents and council, and both an authentic rural voice and close proximity to larger urban centres, North Perth has plenty going for it.
And while Dr. Hayward’s arrival is indeed a happy event, members of the North Perth Physician Recruitment Committee aren’t about to kick back and take a break. With pending retirements and competitive fellow underserviced communities, they’re already thinking and planning and working ahead to help provide the best in health care to North Perth.
- S.D.