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The North Perth Family Health Team's Well Women Program was created for the busy lifestyles of the women in North Perth. With a simple phone call to the Listowel Clinic, you can easily set up an appointment to suit your schedule. There is no need for a doctor referral, just ask to be booked in with the Well Women Program and reception will do the rest. Quick and easy!
Please remember that this program does not replace the need to see your physician or nurse practitioner periodically for an annual health review.

A well women appointment, supported by the Physicians and Nurse Practitioners of the North Perth Family Health Team, consists of a consultation and examination performed by a  Registered Nurse (RN) with specialized training in breast and pelvic exams.
The examination will include:
  1. A Pap test
  2. Update of medical history
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Blood pressure
  6. Breast screening