What is the North Perth Family Health Team?
The North Perth Family Health Team (NPFHT) provides primary health care services to the community of North Perth. Primary health care is your first point of contact with the health system through your family physician and other health care providers that work within the family health team.
Family health teams were implemented to address the shortage of health care professionals - doctors, nurses and other professionals. The Ministry of Health and Long Term Care has chosen to implement interdisciplinary family health teams to support capacity building of scarce health care resources. Family Health Teams bring together an array of healthcare providers to work under one umbrella organization to provide a comprehensive range of heath services designed to treat illness, provide education and support for healthier lifestyles, and to provide preventative health screening services. The notion of "one stop heath services" supports the accessibility of services that are co-located and based within your local community.
There has been much research and success stories, which demonstrate that providing health services using interdisciplinary teams can be an effective mechanism for ensuring that we continue to meet the consumer's demand for quality health services. It makes sense that each member of an interdisciplinary team provide targeted service based on their core expertise. For example, a dietitian is better able to respond to the need for diabetic health teaching with respect to meals, which frees the physician to focus on their core expertise of clinical diagnosis and treatment of disease.
The family health team concept is about providing the best health care that is designed around the patient, the community and the needs therein. The primary health care's mantra has been the provision of the right service, by the right health provider, in the right place and that it is close to home. It is also important to note that our Family Heath Team also partners with other community health agencies (e.g. Public Health, CCAC) to provide a broad continuum of services that address our community needs. And equally important is the notion that family health teams are your partners in helping you to achieve an optimal state of wellness and health.
The NPFHT has a diverse multidisciplinary team of physicians, registered nurse practitioners, registered dietitian, registered pharmacist, youth worker: addictions, social worker, mental health counsellor, health promoter, business manager, executive assistant, and executive director. This team works in a collaborative health practice to realize the dream of primary health care. we are your partners in "helping you to health yourself."
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